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Represented an NYPD officer arrested for credit card fraud in a massive Queens identity theft scheme

Our client was facing years in prison but we successfully negotiated a plea deal with the term of probation.

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Routinely represent Medicaid providers investigated by the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit in New York

We also represent Medicaid providers in administrative actions taken by the Office of Medicaid Inspector General. In a recent case ...

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Defended a bookkeeper accused of stealing close to $250,000 from his employer over the course of 4 years

We negotiated a plea deal that guaranteed the client the sentence of probation with structured re-payment plan.

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Represented a wealthy business owner with multiple properties who was charged with receiving Medicaid in New York in the amount of $115,000

The client facing up to 7 years in prison. We convinced the District Attorney to agree to a conditional discharge ...

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What Is Fraudulent False Advertising?

by Joseph Potashnik on April 4, 2012

Fraudulent false advertising involves the creation of print or electronic ads that are used to further a criminal scheme by soliciting potential victims into buying fictitious or defective products or join in schemes to defraud or other attempts at inducing illegal behavior.  False advertisement can occur either through the strategic placement of ads or solicitation through the print and the Internet.  This can include spam emails and the spoofing of legitimate advertising to redirect to a different website.

Fraudulent advertising has a number of functions, generally involving false or claims to coordinate fraud.  Most of these false claims will lead to civil claims for fraudulent activity. Interstate schemes to defraud will be counted as criminal conspiracy as well as wire or mail fraud depending on the tools used to perpetrate the fraudulent false advertising.

Fraudulent advertising has been used in a number of tax scams as well, generally to lure unsuspecting “straw men” into participating in schemes to defraud the government using fraudulent tax returns.

If you are under investigation in NYC for interstate fraud, you need the best in legal representation to handle your legal defense.  Call our NYC criminal lawyers today at (516)204-7611 for an immediate consultation.

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