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Represented an NYPD officer arrested for credit card fraud in a massive Queens identity theft scheme

Our client was facing years in prison but we successfully negotiated a plea deal with the term of probation.

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Routinely represent Medicaid providers investigated by the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit in New York

We also represent Medicaid providers in administrative actions taken by the Office of Medicaid Inspector General. In a recent case ...

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Defended a bookkeeper accused of stealing close to $250,000 from his employer over the course of 4 years

We negotiated a plea deal that guaranteed the client the sentence of probation with structured re-payment plan.

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Represented a wealthy business owner with multiple properties who was charged with receiving Medicaid in New York in the amount of $115,000

The client facing up to 7 years in prison. We convinced the District Attorney to agree to a conditional discharge ...

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What Should I Do If I Am Arrested In NYC?

by Joseph Potashnik on October 26, 2012

One  of the most important things to know about  criminal   defense in NYC is that speaking to a police officer,  a prosecutor, or an agency investigator without a criminal defense attorney is usually a terrible mistake.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you can talk  your way out of a situation, or that simply stating what happened will be enough to clear things  up. Whether the officer speaking to you is friendly or aggressive, anything you say (or omit) can and will be used against you to the utmost. Some statements may be used as admissions; others will be brought up to cast doubt on your credibility.

There is no  advantage to be gained by speaking to a police officer on your own. You always have the right to request an attorney, and you should exercise that  right as soon as possible.

You should be aware  that calling your  attorney is a good idea even if you have not yet been arrested. Statements made to  officers or agency representatives conducting investigations, such as welfare fraud investigations, will be turned over to the prosecution and used against  you  later. You have the right to have your defense attorney with you even if you are told that the investigator just wants to speak with you, or “just ask you  a few  questions.” They might make it sound like no big deal, but the statements you make can wind up clinching your criminal conviction and/or increasing your sentence.

Sometimes New York City police officers or investigators may promise to  go  easy on you or let you off  on  other charges if you make an admission. Other times, they may  threaten that you will face  additional or aggravated  charges if you do  not make  an admission. In most cases, the best thing to do is stay calm  and request your lawyer. Any statements you make should be made  after a consultation with and  in the presence of your attorney.

In many cases, your admission may be  the only  real proof in the  case, and without it the prosecution may  not have a case. Why should you provide the evidence that can  convict you?

If you have been arrested in New York  City, or you believe that you are  the target of an investigation, you should retain and consult an experienced criminal defense attorney  as  soon as possible, before  you make any statements. Call our experienced NYC criminal  defense attorneys at (212) 227-0860 for an immediate consultation.

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