What Drivers Should Know About Speeding In Virginia

Too many drivers view a speeding citation as just a ticket, but in Virginia being cited for driving more than the speed limit can be a serious issue depending on certain factors. A common practice among drivers is to pay the ticket before court because it lessens the financial impact of any court costs that could make matters worse beyond the fine. But, the truth is that this is actually an admission of guilt and will often generate demerit points against a driving record. Also, the registered speed beyond the limit can ultimately impact the amount of the fine. A conviction for speeding can be a problem in the future, and pleading guilty always deserves serious evaluation.

What an Attorney Can Do

The novice driver who receives a citation has limited ability to build a defense against the charge, primarily when the case is classified as reckless driving. It does not take an accident for this to occur. Exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph can result in an enhanced ticket if the officer stresses case seriousness in court. Even though there is a court cost associated with appearing, the damage, in the long run, can be minimized when an experienced speeding ticket attorney can convince the court to reduce the charge by investigating the evidence. This also includes the cross-examination of the officer.

Long Term Damage

The real issue with a speeding conviction is that it stays on the defendant’s driving record and can be used again for harsher penalties in any subsequent driving issue. Speeding is not the only driving decision that can result in demerit driving points, which could be important if being involved in an accident at a later date and excessive speed is a case issue. Many individuals lose driving privileges in Virginia when they reach the magic number of points against their license, and the first group to notice will be auto insurance providers. The financial impact of insurance, in the long run, is always the ultimate problem for drivers who plead guilty without a case evaluation because premiums can be increased for several years based on driving records.

It is always important to defend against any charge in the court system. An experienced Richmond Virginia reckless driving attorney can often convince the prosecutor officer to reduce the charge, especially with a first ticket, which could save much pain in the future for the defendant.